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Secure and Dependable

Unfortunately, tires stored in storage sheds or garages are sometimes targeted by thieves as they are easily resold. However, when you store your tires with us, you can be reassured that your valuable property is stored in a safe and secure place that is secured and monitored.

Simple Service

No more retrieving your tires from the garage or basement and struggling to fit them into your trunk without dirtying your back seat. When you find it is time to change your tires, you simply come to our shop, and we will have it prepared for you.

Increased Storage Space

Not everyone has the space in their home to store 4 big tires. By storing with us, you won't have to worry about storing your tires and making sure it is in a safe place.

Eliminate Risk of Injury/Damage

Tires can be very heavy, especially if you lift them unaided. There are risks with handling tires like straining your back, falling in a staircase, and you also risk damaging the interior of your vehicle when transporting heavy tires. When storing with us, Direct Tire specialists will handle everything, and you won't have to lift a finger.